We, “GREATECH”, are the experts with over 30 years’ experience in Roots Blower and Vacuum Pump manufacturing industry.

We are based in Taiwan, the heart of Asia. Our customers can be found all over the world from Asia to America. Our persistence on great design and innovative technology gain us values and motivation on continuous development within the industry.

We provide and guarantee:

-Perceived quality in the early design stages

-High-level manufacturing by advanced technology

-Fabrication service of products with Superior “fit and finish”

-World-leading solutions of the integration of our expertise knowledge of Roots Blower and Vacuum Pump

With the constant evolution of our industry, we continue to grow our business to add more values to the manufacturing industry. We strive our best to become the leader in the industry.

Silence Type Roots Blower
Circulating Air Cooling Roots Blower
Standard Air Cooling Type Roots Blower
Water Cooled type Roots Blower
Standard Type Roots Vacuum Pump
Two Stage Water Cooling Type Roots Blower Customs Design
Acoustic Enclosure

High Efficiency
Low Noise
Energy Saving
Sturdy Construction
Stable Air Flow
Easy Maintenance
Extremely Low Vibration
Long Lifetime
Cleaning Air
No Oily Odors

    SdB Model
Bore Size:40mm ~ 150mm ( 1" ~ 6" )
Capacity:0.1 ~ 34 m3/min
Pressure: 0~7000 mmAq (0~0.7 kgf/cm2)

    G Model
Bore size: 25mm~400mm(1"- 16")
Capacity: 0.1 ~ 300 m3/min
Pressure: 0 ~ 20000 mmAq (0 ~ 2 kgf/cm2)

Waste Water Treatment, Aquaculture, Electroplating Industry, Powder Conveyance, Grain Transport, Paper Making Industry, Food Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Chemical Industry, As Vacuum Dryer, As Vacuum Packing for Food, As Dust Collection Machine…. etc.

Silence Type : Especially suitable to install in Hospital, Hotel, School, Residential Area, Office Building … etc where is prohibited noise.